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Welcome to Realign Counselling

I work with clients who may be struggling with eating disorders, binge-eating, trauma, depression/anxiety, as well as high burnout or stress. During our initial sessions, I will help you explore your presenting concern and work with you to build hope that you can feel better, whether that's through CBT, trauma narrative work, expressive art therapy or general psychotherapy.

I provide individual counselling for all ages virtually (AB, BC and ON) and in-person (Calgary) while carrying Professional Liability Insurance. 

I graduated with my Masters of Clinical Social Work in 2016 from the University of Calgary. I am an active Registered Clinical Social Worker and recently obtained my Level II CBT accreditation from the Association of Psychological Therapies. I have been practicing social work for ten years and have a range of experience with crisis intervention and individual / group counselling.

Interested clients can schedule a free 15-minute phone consult under Contact.

Meet Jenna: About Me
Jenna of Realign Counselling Inc

Thank you for stopping by Realign Counselling Inc.

I have been practicing clinical social work for ten years now and I always admire the resiliency of the people I am honoured to work with. I am able to provide a wide-range of interventions to meet your needs and am happy to consult with you if you are unsure if therapy is the way to go.

I can help you with:

Eating Disorders

Understand the function of the ED 

CBT/DBT to manage thoughts, behaviours, urges, emotions

Find other ways to respond to the ED

Binge Eating/Disordered Eating Habits

Understanding triggers

CBT around thoughts

Decrease binges

Increase coping


Trauma narrative work,

PTSD Symptoms/Healing

Stress/Burnout/Compassion fatigue

Healing Trauma through Directed Drawing (coming soon)



Decreasing symptoms

Improving coping

Find new ways of living

Overall WellnessSupport 

Psychotherapy/talk therapy



When I am not counselling, I am home reading Ruth Ware books with my cat Meatloaf or watching reality TV with my dog Chloe. 

Meet Jenna: Image
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