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Welcome to Realign Counselling

I work with clients who may be struggling with eating disorders, binge-eating, trauma, depression/anxiety, as well as high burnout or stress. During our initial sessions, I will help you explore your presenting concern and work with you to build hope that you can feel better, whether that's through EMDR, CBT, expressive art therapy or general psychotherapy.

I provide individual counselling for all ages virtually (AB, BC and ON) and in-person (Calgary) while carrying Professional Liability Insurance. 

I graduated with my Masters of Clinical Social Work in 2016 from the University of Calgary. I am an active Registered Clinical Social Worker, EMDR therapist and recently obtained my Level II CBT accreditation from the Association of Psychological Therapies. I have been practicing social work for ten years and have a range of experience with crisis intervention and individual / group counselling.

Interested clients can schedule a free 15-minute phone consult under Contact.

Meet Jenna: About Me
Jenna of Realign Counselling Inc

Thank you for stopping by Realign Counselling Inc.

I have been practicing clinical social work for ten years now and I always admire the resiliency of the people I am honoured to work with. I am able to provide a wide-range of interventions to meet your needs and am happy to consult with you if you are unsure if therapy is the way to go.

I can help you with:

Eating Disorders

Understand the function of the ED 

CBT/DBT to manage thoughts, behaviours, urges, emotions

Find other ways to respond to the ED

Binge Eating/Disordered Eating Habits

Understanding triggers

CBT around thoughts

Decrease binges

Increase coping



Trauma narrative work

PTSD Symptoms/Healing

Stress/Burnout/Compassion fatigue

Healing Trauma through Guided Drawing 



Decreasing symptoms

Improving coping

Find new ways of living

Overall WellnessSupport 

Psychotherapy/talk therapy



When I am not counselling, I am home reading Ruth Ware books with my cat Meatloaf or watching reality TV with my dog Chloe. 

Meet Jenna: Image
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